With us, there are quick solutions even in small steps. Today is just an idea on the
whiteboard, tomorrow is already tested in practice. With more than 20 years of experience, we help speed up your business start-up!

Technological Competences

Data Science

5G & IOT

Cyber Security

Cloud Operations

Native Mobile Application Development

Engagement Models

This model has a well-defined scope, duration and effort. In this case, taking into consideration these variables, success is measured in the delivery of the scope, on time and quality. Total project costs are fixed in the beginning.

We follow a people-centric and disciplined approach to continuously deliver value to customers in an agile way. These are teams with all the necessary skills to go from the initial idea to the final delivery, with multidisciplinary people: Scrum, PO, QA, Dev and DevOps.

The smart alternative to setting up a nearshore company: have your own unit of multiple Feature Teams with different skills and technologies working rind-fenced just for you, side by side with your internal teams. Transparent management allows a swifter and faster set-up of larger teams or nearshore units, without the hassle of setting up and managing a company.


COCUS has more than 20 years in Agile delivery. Its workgroup includes teams that cover the entire product life cycle, from ideation to operations and maintenance with stable and predictable deliveries. These are on call for second and third lines of support for seamless operation.

Employing the services of a team of Cloud Operations and SRE specialists on an as-needed basis. Set up your initial environment, create your CI/Cd templates and make all robust, scalable and secure. Our customers specify requirements, monitors progress, and receives status reports on a regular basis.

With a large team of skilled engineers in software testing with experience on all major platforms and devices, we follow best practices, use industry-standard testing tools, and create custom testing solutions when needed.

How we do IT

We build core teams for growing technology companies and startups. With our support, our remote team will feel like an integral part of your in-house staff. From your digital roadmap to the end-to-end development of scalable solutions – COCUS offers you the complete project and software development cycle. Adapted to your project requirements and business needs.

How IT works with us

01 Establish the goal Identify project requirements, technical stack, and skills needed to achieve the goal
02 Staffing and allocation Choose the best resources to deliver, bearing in mind security, quality and robustness
03 Kick-off Agile team members meet to start the journey
04 Build, test and deploy The sprints are rolling out delivering incremental impact to the business. Quality assurance, security compliance and pipelines all in place (requires revision)
05 Support and evolve Deliver reports, archive all development and capture new ideas to continuous improvement while providing 1, 2nd or 3rd line of support

Case Studies

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