COCUS implements FlexOffice

COCUS implements FlexOffice | Working at Home | COCUS

COCUS Portugal is giving workers the possibility to work wherever they want. Since 2018, we have given them the possibility to work outside the office for two days a week, but now with this new and more flexible model, they can be everywhere.

The COVID-19 pandemic led the company to look at the benefits of FlexOffice, but this model also seeks to respond to the inevitable changes in the IT market.

We believe this flexible work model manages to bring together the best of both worlds: the possibility for people to work from anywhere in the country but also to enjoy our office in Matosinhos, whenever they want.

In addition, we also decided to financially support employees in creating the best workspace. The policy was implemented in August when the Portuguese government lifted the obligation of remote work.

We are sure that this measure helped to improve employee’s satisfaction and also responded to a market need.