Surf safely even at public hotspots, with Vodafone Secure Net Wifi

Secure encryption for all-round protection across devices, even in public hotspots, with COCUS as a digitalisation partner for development, lifecycle management, operation and support

Leading integrated telecommunications company

Vodafone is one of the leading integrated telecommunications companies and delivers internet, mobile, fixed network and television from a single source. In order to ensure the security of customers at all times, even in public networks, Vodafone chose Cocus as a digitalisation partner to implement a security solution.

Smartphones are also affected by malware

Malware for mobile devices is no longer a rarity. In order to offer all-round protection even when using public hotspots, COCUS has developed the app Secure Net Wifi with Vodafone.

Comprehensive protection against viruses and malware

Secure Net WiFi is a security solution for Vodafone customers and offers all the benefits in public hotspots as well – excellent anti-virus protection, fast and secure defence against threats and effective security against phishing.

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