Mobile Operational Flight Plan sets a new standard in aviation

App technology solves a lasting problem for airlines and replaces 21,6 paper-based processes

Makes TUI easier to manage

The introduction of Operational Flight Plan (OFP) has made TUI easier to manage. With the new app, the company has an integrated system that is fully capable of planning and managing flights, as well as employees’ schedules.

21,6 kg of flight load per flight saved

This brand new app allows TUI to replace the existing paper-based processes, and most important to save an average of 21,6 kg of flight load per flight. Additionally, it preserves 65 Tons of fuel and 204 Tons of CO2 per year.

Nearshore model to a satisfying user experience

With a nearshore approach, COCUS enables a satisfying user experience and also simplifies the company’s working methods.

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